• Ali S. Al-Hassani
  • D. H. Al-Hassani
  • I. A. Abdul-Hassan



poultry, PCR-RFLP, DNA and mRNA


This study aimed to investigate genetic variations of the IGF-2 gene and how these polymorphisms affect different biochemical markers was conducted in this study. Broiler chicks of 300 days of age were analyzed in this research (150 Cobb500 and 150 Hubbard F-15). Each bird's blood was used to get its unique DNA sequence. Multiple biochemical features were connected to IGF-2 genotypes found using PCR-RFLP. If you're looking for an easy way to raise your chickens' cholesterol levels, go no further than Cobb500 chickens with the "TT" genotype (p≤0.05). Hubbard F-15 broilers with the TT genotype exhibited substantially higher levels of LDL (p≤0.05) than those with the TC and CC genotypes. The LDL levels of Hubbard F-15 broilers were substantially greater than those of Cobb500 broilers (p ≤0.05). In male TC-type broilers, LDL levels were considerably (p ≤0.05) greater than those in the TC-type female broilers. The ALT enzyme activity of broilers with the TC genotype was substantially greater than that of broilers with the TT genotype (p≤0.05). Cobb500 broilers with the CC genotype had substantially lower AST enzyme activity than Cobb500 broilers with the TT or TC genotypes (p≤0.05). There was a significant difference (p≤ 0.05) in AST enzyme activity between the Hubbard F-15 broiler genotypes, TC and TT, and CC genotypes. IGF-2 gene polymorphisms were shown to have a greater impact on ALT and AST enzyme activity than other gene variations.


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