• Rezan M. A. Al-Hajani
  • N. N. F. Haded
  • S. F. A. Al Bamarny



orange, organic acid, plant extract. postharvest.


This study was carried out on fruit of local orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) grown at private orchard Diyala governorate / Iraq, to study the effect of dipped fruits for 10 min in (0, 1, 2, 3% citric acid, 5 and 10% ginger) on fruit quality of orange during 65- and 105-days cold storage at 5+1 with 85- 90% RH. Dipping fruits in citric acid solution reduced fruit's weight loss and decay. Ginger extract at 5 and 10% significantly reserved acidity, total sugar and sugar/acid ratio, also caused a reduction in fruit weight loss and fruit decay. There was a significant decreases in fruits peel carotene and an increases in vitamin C, when fruits were treated with 5% ginger extract. Prolonging storage period from 65 to 105day significantly increased fruit total soluble solids, weight loss, total sugar, and fruit peel carotene but, reduced vitamin C and total acidity. The interaction between dip treatments and storage period had a significantly positive effect on the quality feature of fruit orange.


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