• Arwa R. K.
  • M. H. Kawan




prevalence, babesia, local breed, blood samples, sheep, Iraq.


This study was conducted to detect the prevalence of Babesiosis in different areas at Baghdad city, by using microscopic examination ;180 sheep’s head blood samples were collected from each local breed (122 males and 58 females) with different age groups from 6 months to more than one year old, during the period extended from 1/October2019 to end of April 2020.Giemsa stained blood smears were done for detection Babesia spp. ; The overall rate of  infection with Babesia spp. in sheep was 15.55% (28/180), significant differences P≤0.05 was  recorded between male 19.67% ( 24/122) and female 6.89% ( 4/58 ), and sheep with  equal or more than one year old  registered higher rate of  infection 18.18% (2/11) , also highest rate of infection recorded in April 45% (9/20) with highly significant differences P≤0.01 between months of study.


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